Veet Sensitive perfect Beauty Styler is a beauty grooming tool that offers gentle shaving and fine shaping for fragile body parts. It can be used to remove hair from the underarms, face and bikini area. It’s perfect precision cutting head cuts and shapes the hair in delicate and sensitive with accuracy. The smart design of the cutting blades means they don’t touch the skin. It is equipped with interchangeable heads, including a two-headed trimmer with 16mm and 6mm blades for perfect eyebrow shaping and a 20mm trimmer attachment for underarms as well as bikini lines. There are 2 additional guide combs of 2mm and 4mm to allow the user to easily trim hair uniformly to the same length.

Here are the contents of the box:

  • Double sided perfect head for eyebrows 16 and 6mm
  • Bikini trimming head of 20mm
  • Comb attachments for both the heads
  • Beauty cap
  • Cleaning brush
  • Beauty pouch
  • Equipped with AA battery

Reasons You Should Buy Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer for Women:

1. Painless:

Trust me, girls, you don’t even feel a thing. If you don’t like to thread or wax  because of the pain then this tool is perfect  for you. I have used epilators in the past and they used to hurt me so bad. I remember purchasing this costly  face epilator with a dozen attachments but never got around to using it after my first experience. Why would anybody like to impose that kind of pain by their own choice! And have you ever used those tiny hair removal springs which were a rage a few years back? I have and mine experience was not so good. It might have worked for some but the pain was very  much.

2. Handy while traveling:

You can’t carry your parlor everywhere you go. Last month I was on a week long vacation where I had such bad eyebrow growth and this baby gentle it all. This has resolve all of my beauty issue . It is very compact and light, you just put it in the bag it comes with and carry it in your bag wherever you go. It is just like your parlour on the go.

3. Ease of use:

A friend of mine recently moved to US and she has very thick eyebrow hair which a tweezer can not work on. And there they do not have salons which offer eyebrow threading. What’s more, the couple of Indian women who know how to thread charge a bomb! So I prescribed this to her and it has made her life so much easier. You don’t need to rely on upon anyone pluck or thread your brows. I prescribe you to get your brows shaped once and afterward continue removing the stray hair with this. My eyebrows are thick and formed and after getting this my salon visits have extraordinarily reduced.

4. Touch ups:

Even if you contend that the good old threading is way better than any other method of facial hair removal, but you can still use it for fast touch-ups before a crucial meeting or on occasions when you forget to visit your salon. A lot of times WhatsApp groups turn into overnight party plans and you start worrying don’t want to say just no because you have upper lips! So it’s good to keep it for beauty issue and quick touch ups to make your life easier.

Product Description

BrandVeetCustomer ratings3.5Price1649ModelSensitive TouchItem dimensions3.8 x 10 x 20.7 cm

Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Features:

Gentle and Precise

This trimmer’s blades don’t touch the skin. Trust it to gently and smoothly remove unwanted hair without leaving bruises and cuts behind. Want to quickly shape your eyebrows? Fix the dedicated suitable accessory into the trimmer and go right ahead.Wide Range of Accessories

This trimmer set adds a two-sided precision head trimmer, a 20 mm bikini trimmer head, variously sized comb attachments to consistent  hair length,  it is equipped with an AA battery, a beauty cup which keeps the tool dirt and dust free, a cleaning brush, and a beauty pouch in which you can move the trimmer anywhere.No Mess, no Fuss

This trimmer is configured to be used on dry skin – no foam or shaving gel are needed. Also, it does not need  any pre or post treatment.Dry Use

In spite of the fact that the trimmer’s heads can be rinsed under water, the gadget’s primary body is not intended to interact with water. This is a trimmer that is implied for dry utilize, and not when you’re in the shower.Easy Maintenance

Dust hair off the trimmer’s cutting edges by delicately clearing them with the cleaning brush. The two-piece and face heads can be rinsed under running water. This is box title


1.Gentle hair removal and perfect shaping for your delicate body parts, precise for upper lip, sideburns and eyebrows

2.Quick and Gentle: It can easily remove any unwanted hair in one go

3.High Precision: Dedicated accessories to get perfect shaping and styling

4.Ideal also for quick touch-ups wherever you go

5.Wide Range of Accessories: 1 precision head, 2 combs,1 bikini head, 1 beauty cap, 1 beauty pouch, 1 cleaning brush, and AA battery

6.As its cutting blades do not touch the skin, so there is no fear of cuts

  • Cons:

1.Batteries don’t last longer

What We Recommend

Overall it is a genuine product and worth a buy . So grab it now as it offers more pros than minor cons. Click the link given below to buy it at lowest cost possible. 

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